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List a brand new product on your Amazon account

Written by Danny Carlson
Updated 2 months ago

Every Kenji ROI package includes updating of your listing into your seller account, but first we require that the placeholder product listing is created. There are complexities that only you, the seller can figure out effectively.


What You Need to Create Your New Product Listing

  1. An Amazon Seller Central account
  2. A UPC barcode (Amazon recommends using GS1)
  3. Some placeholder text and images

It's highly recommended to add some basic placeholder text and images when creating your listing or else you can run into problems where Amazon's algorithm automatically flags your product as "hazmat" or "pesticide."

Adding in images and text explaining what the product is drastically reduces the chances of this happening.

When Should I Create My Amazon Listing?

  1. We recommend as soon as possible so you can get your Amazon FNSKU barcode and send it to your manufacturer to place on your packaging. Otherwise you will have to pay Amazon $0.20 per unit to add the sticker to your packaging later.

Also, the further in advance you create the listing, the more time you have to deal with potential issues such as your product getting automatically flagged as hazmat by Amazon's often wrong algorithm.

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