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Common Reasons for Flagged or Suppressed Listings

If your listing has been suppressed, flagged, or is showing an error when uploading or shortly after.
Written by Danny Carlson
Updated 9 months ago

Firstly, if your listing has been suppressed or flagged when uploading to Amazon, this is very common and completely normal.

Amazon uses constantly evolving automated algorithms that detect certain words, language patterns, or things in images that potentially conflict with their selling policies.

This is great for keeping away black-hat or fraudulent sellers, but unfortunately many completely legit products get caught as well.

At Kenji ROI we constantly update our internal knowledge of keywords known to cause issues, but always run into new ones as they are constantly changing.

If you're having this issue, the Kenji ROI team will assist you in resolving it in any way we can, but just keep in mind we cannot predict which keywords will cause issues outside of the ones known to cause issues, as Amazon does not publicly release this information.

Commonly Suppressed Terms

These words or similar ones are the most common ones that cause issues. If your listing has any of these words in the listing or images, remove them and attempt reupload. (yes, Amazon's algorithms also reads text on images).

  • Pesticide related (one of the most commonly seen incorrect suppression reasons)
  • Marijuana related such as "weed, bong, grinder"
  • Sexual/ adult related such as "dildo, vibrator, BDSM"
  • Trademarked terms such as "butterbeer" (Harry Potter trademark), "Velcro," "Nike"

Problems With the Suppression Algorithm 

  • Often suppresses listings incorrectly based on a single keyword or image it "suspects" as something violating it's terms.
  • Is designed to be very broad and automated, so is not very accurate
  • Doesn't provide you with a detailed explanation of what you need to fix. You receive a broad email template, then must figure out what you need to fix.

How to Resolve Listing Suppression Issues

Firstly, if you are a Kenji ROI client then reach out to us for assistance. But please realize we must follow a troubleshooting method based on limited information provided by Amazon, and it often takes a few attempts to resolve it.

This is normal, and is just part of dealing with a company as large as Amazon. If they had to hire real people to resolve these issues it would add tens of thousands of employees.

But here is the troubleshooting process to follow:

  1. Read the email/ performance notification from Amazon telling you that your listing is suppressed.
    Usually a vague message telling you the broad reason why, but sometimes they tell you exactly which words to remove.
  2. Create Hypothesis for What Needs to Change: Because you usually have limited information provided by Amazon, you need to craft your best guess as to what caused the suppression. Between what Amazon said in their message and the list of commonly suppressed terms you should have a good idea what to remove.
  3. Make the Changes to Listing
  4. Reupload Listing & Check if Situation is Resolved: Sometimes you will need to reply to the performance notification letting them know which changes you made, sometimes just uploading is fine and it will resolve itself.
  5. If Not Resolved, Make a 2nd Hypothesis & Repeat the Process: Unfortunately there is no shortcut. It's not worth trying to get a Seller Support rep on the phone as they will 90% of the time just parrot what's already said in the email. The fastest way to resolve is to rinse and repeat steps 2-5 until you resolve. 

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