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How to Ship Your Product to Us

Written by Danny Carlson
Updated 3 weeks ago

Send 2 of your product (new units, not used or customer returns) as sometimes they can be damaged in shipping and it allows us to have one for the copywriting team and one for the photo team.

It's highly recommended to send new units that you are certain is the exact product customers will be receiving. 

  • Returns/ spare inventory is often damaged
  • Sending direct from your manufacturer without verifying they are sending the correct style, packaging, and not a pre-production sample that doesn't match your actual product will cause issues!

For all photography & video work we will need a product sample to shoot. For any other work that doesn't require photos or video, we do not need your product shipped to us.

Please send 2 units in case 1 has minor defects. (not required but recommended)

Inside Your Package, Please include a piece of paper (printed or written) in the package that includes:

  1. The name used on your Kenji ROI account
  2. Any of Your Order #'s within the Kenji ROI Dashboard.

This helps reduce the possibility of errors in handling or mismatch between shipper & client info.

Option 1 - Ship Direct

(best option)

Ship to us directly from you or your manufacturer by express mail.

The easiest is UPS -, but if shipping from China, ask your manufacturer to use their express account as it's often cheaper.

Use the actual price per unit with your manufacturer, not the full retail price of the items (should be under $15). This is common practice & legal for cross border shipments that are pre-retail.

If we receive an invoice from the shipping company for duties/ shipping that exceeds $20, we will pay it & send you an invoice.

Ship to This Address:

Kenji ROI - Your Name


Vancouver, BC

V5Y 1L4


When shipping packages to us, please replace "Your Name" in the "To" field with the same name you used when paying your invoice.

Option 2 - We Buy From Amazon US

If inventory is already in Amazon we can purchase it directly then invoice you for the exact amount.

To allow shipping from FBA directly to Canada, simply go to ( Settings >> Fulfillment by Amazon >> Export Settings >> and then choose '' FBA Global Export '').

Please send us the tracking number as soon as you send it, or if you wish to use Option 2 please confirm.

Option 3 - Ship to Our US Warehouse, Then to Canada

If you can't ship direct to Canada, we can buy straight off Amazon, but it will add a little bit more cost since we have to receive it at our US address, then ship across to border to Canada. The entire shipping fee will be about $40 and sent to you in a separate invoice for the exact amount. It may be cheaper to get one sent from your manufacturer in China, but if all inventory is in Amazon FBA warehouses, this is the best option.

Here's the address to ship to:

Danny Carlson

13820 NE Airport Way

Suite #K216408

Portland, OR 97251

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