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Ads Campaign Launch Checklist

How to start running your Amazon Ads after we have done your setup.
Written by Danny Carlson
Updated 3 months ago

So we have completed your Amazon Ads Account setup for you, and you have received your AMZ Ads Mastery course, and now it's time to send your ads live!

What's Next?

  1. Amazon Ads is not a set-&-forget magic bullet! While we have done the hard work of setting up your campaigns and keyword targets with the current best strategies, success will depend just as much on your continual management (for which we have provided you a VERY in depth training in the form of AMZ Ads Mastery).
  2. Learn & Understand Your Ads: Inside AMZ Ads Mastery (access it within the training tab of your Kenji Client Dashboard), you will find detailed explanations of all the campaigns as well as everything you need to know to run a highly successful Amazon Ads campaign.
  3. Turn On Your Campaigns: All your campaigns are currently in "paused" status, so they will not be running until you un-pause them. After this they will start spending so make sure you are ready!

What to Expect

While I'll leave it to the course videos to explain most of it, here is a basic overview of some important information on what to expect moving forward.

Define Your PPC Goals: This is one of the first videos in the course you should watch, and is the most crucial step you must take before beginning your Amazon Ads journey.

Incremental Bid Scaling: You can either start your bids intentionally low then incrementally scale them up until you start getting reasonable impressions (will help keep the initial "campaign discovery" costs as low as possible and find the true bids).

Or you can start with higher bids and scale them down. This will get you there faster but will ultimately cost a bit more. Choose what's right for you.

Search Term Isolation: This is our core strategy to isolate high performing search terms & more accurately control the bids. It can be a bit to wrap your head around, but a full explanation can be found in the course.

Daily Negative Matching: Especially for the first 2 weeks, new auto or broad match campaigns can come up with search terms that aren't relevant. So we recommend monitoring them daily & add negative matches as soon as they come up to minimize wasted spend.

Avoid Random Acts of Optimization: Instead, go through the course, understand how everything works, then make decisions methodically & unemotionally. If you disregard this advice you will make a mess of your ads account and your results will suffer.

Look At Metrics on a 14 Day Timeframe: We all know Amazon can be wildly up and down on a daily basis, so looking at metrics daily can show a deceivingly good or bad picture. This becomes even more apparent the lower your spend is, as just a handful of sales can make your ACoS swing by 10-20%. Looking at data on 14 day timeframes gives a clearer picture of how the account is performing, so don't be alarmed by short term swings in metrics.

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